Ahoy Landlubbers!

“You’ll be needing a ship if you want to
be able to move about more freely.
If you have trouble obtaining one
through normal means, you could always
“borrow” a pirate ship…”

Quick Guide

  • Fight Bikke and his Pirates and aquire the Ship

  • Upgrade your equipment in Pravoka

  • Battle in the area surrounding Elfheim to gain experience and Gil

  • Upgrade your equipment in Elfhiem

Detailed Walkthrough

Now that we have crossed the bridge, it’s time to explore this new continent! First, let’s proceed north.

Here we find a cave that is the home of a witch named Matoya. It seems that she has lost her crystal eye, and cannot see. Being the Light Warriors, we naturally want to help her out, but who says that we should do it for free? Help yourself to the three treasure chests in the room, two of which contain a potion, and the other an antidote.

Before leaving, speak with one of the brooms. It will tell you a riddle, that when solved will reveal a “magic” spell. It’s not hard to figure out. Just read the message backward. “Tceles Nottub B” becomes “B Button Select” Translation: hold down the B button and press select at the same time. Doing this will reveal a map of the world, but only if done outside.

Now that we’ve seen Matoya and collected her “payment”, it’s time to finish exploring the continent. Since we can’t go west anymore, I guess that is a sign that we move east! After crossing a desert, a forest, and a swamp, we find ourselves at the town of Pravoka. Upon entering, you will notice that there are very few people around, with the exception of the “Mohawk Man” in front of the Inn. It is very apparent the reason why. Bikke the Pirate and his scurvy crew are terrorizing the town. Perhaps we should put a stop to that.

Matoya can't see a blasted thing without her crystal eye

“Can’t see anything, you say?”
*Hurriedly empties all Matoya’s treasure chests*