Final Fantasy I - Chapter 6

Chapter 6 - Warriors in the Sky!

"I see... a cycle of wrath...
A dim light... guided by destiny...
That about which our entire future

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Crescent Lake
Cavern of Ice - B1
Cavern of Ice - B2
Cavern of Ice - B3

Quick Guide

  • Journey to Crescent Lake
  • Upgrade your equipment and purchase new spells
  • Get the Canoe from the Sage
  • Travel to the Cavern of Ice
  • Battle the Phantom and collect the Levistone
  • Sail to the Ryukan Desert and raise the Airship


Final Fantasy I - The port closest to Crescent LakeNow that the Earth Orb shines again you should return to Melmond and rest. It doesn't seem like anyone cares about our accomplishment, so let's go to another city. Exit Melmond, hop into your ship, and then head south. Once you reach the Cavern of Earth, navigate around the peninsula, and then head west. After a long journey across the ocean, you will find land again. Head north until you reach another port. Exit your ship and head west over the land. Walk around the big crescent shaped lake, and enter the city. Welcome to Crescent Lake!

Final Fantasy I - Crescent LakeThis city has much more to offer than Melmond, so it's time to once again re-equip our characters. All of the items I have suggested are better than what you have previously bought in a store, but not all a better than equipment you may have found. I made the list below assuming that you have never collected a single treasure chest. Use the arrows that appear over your character's heads to determine if the item I suggest is better than one you already have.

Crescent Lake Shopping

Weapons Armor
Mythril Knife
Mythril Sword
Mythril Hammer
Mythril Axe
640 Gil
3200 Gil
2000 Gil
3600 Gil
Mythril Mail
Mythril Shield
Mythril Helm
Mythril Gloves
6000 Gil
2000 Gil
2000 Gil
2000 Gil
2000 Gil
White Magic Black Magic
13000 Gil
13000 Gil
13000 Gil
13000 Gil
13000 Gil
13000 Gil
13000 Gil
13000 Gil

Final Fantasy I - You obtain a canoeAfter outfitting your party, head as far north as you can and then head east. Follow the path and you should see a circle of sages. Talk to the sage at 5 o' clock. He will present a new mode of transportation for you! With the canoe, you can now cross rivers and lakes!

Exit the city and head back to your boat. You can now take a shortcut by heading directly east and traveling across the lake. Once in you boat, head directly north until you see the mouth of a river. Move the boat to the mouth of the river, and press left. You will leave the boat at the mouth of the river and now be traveling in the canoe!

Follow the winding river west, north, west again, south, and then east. Use this map for clearer directions. Our destination is the Cavern of Ice, home of the fabled Levistone.

The Cavern of Ice is one of the most dangerous locations in the entire game. There are many enemies that can either kill you in a single hit or turn you to stone. I am going to advise that you run from every encounter that you come across. Fight at your own risk.

Final Fantasy I - You must fall down to move forwardThe first floor has no treasure that you can reach, and neither does the second. Move as fast as you can and take as direct a path as possible. On the third floor, follow the path until you find a chamber. Enter it, but be careful not to step on any cracks, at least not yet. The treasure chest on the left contains a Flame Sword, so make sure to grab it. The treasure chest on the right only contains clothes, so there is no need to bother with it. After you have the Flame Sword, step on one of the cracks and plunge to the next floor.

Now things get interesting. You will notice in several areas that the floor looks different. Stepping on these tiles will reduce your HP, so take make sure to take a direct path over them to reduce the damage you will take. The room to the west of where you fall has a dangerous enemy guarding the first chest, which means you'll have to fight it twice if you want both the Mythril Gloves and the Ice Armor. Proceed to the south. Head west if you wish to collect more treasure, or turn east to find the stairs to the next floor.

Final Fantasy I - DO NOT CLIMB THESE STAIRS!!You will find yourself back on B1, but in a section that you could not reach before. WHATEVER YOU DO, DO NOT CLIMB THE STAIRS! They lead back to the surface. If you climb them, you will have to start your journey through the Cavern of Ice all over again. The only way to proceed is to step on the crack in the eastern-most room. Be sure to collect any treasure you want before doing so.

After falling through the crack, move towards the remaining treasure chest. Directly in front of it you will encounter the Evil Eye. This monster has very low defense, and very little HP. Don't let your guard down, as he can kill you with one hit much like Astos could do. Attack him as hard and fast as you can. The Evil Eye should fall in two rounds of fighting, quite possibly sooner depending on your levels.

Final Fantasy I - You obtain a levistoneAfter defeating the Evil Eye, collect the treasure that he was guarding. You now have the Levistone! This rock will summon an airship from the desert south of Crescent Lake. You can move away from the treasure chest, then come back and fight the Phantom again if you wish. You can earn EXP very fast by fighting him repeatedly, just be careful of his one-hit kills.

Now you have to step on a crack, which will take you back to a familiar room. Follow the path back to B1 and climb the stairs that I previously told you not to climb. Once outside, navigate back to the ship, then head south, past the Crescent Lake port, until you see a river near a desert. Exit you ship via the canoe and walk into the desert.

Final Fantasy I - The airship rises from the desertYou'll now watch a cinema scene depicting the desert floor opening up and an airship rising from the depths. Congratulations! You now have the ultimate mode of transportation! One thing to note about the airship is that you can only land on grassland and plains. This means that you may have to hike a good bit to actually reach your destination.

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