Dread Not the Dreadnought

Chapter 4

Enter Kashuan Keep, and in true Final Fantasy fashion, your objective will be right in front of you, but you will be unable to access it.  We must make our way to the fifth floor to get Egil’s Torch if we are going to return the SUNFIRE to Cid.

The first three floors offer little in the way of items or difficulty outside of a Golden Shield on floor 3F.  You meet Gordon, a member of the Kashuan Royal Family on floor 2F and he will join your party.  Joy!  The fourth floor is home to a couple of Mythril weapons and the Werebuster, so be sure to pick them up.  There is a chest containing Golden Armor on the fifth floor that is guarded by Mines, so proceed with caution.  The boss is located on floor 6F.