Soul of Chaos

“Is this… adamantite!?
Awricht! Ah’ll uise this tae make ye the
finest sword ye’ll e’er wield!

Quick Guide

  • Convert the Adamantite into the Excalibur at Mount Duergar

  • Complete the optional Soul of Chaos dungeons

  • Prepare for the final battle

Detailed Walkthrough

Now that all four orbs are lit, we can finish up all of the games loose ends. First, let’s convert that Adamintine we found in the Flying Fortress into something a little more useful.

Hop in your airship and return to Mount Duergar. Inside the room located in the top center of the mountain you will find a Dwarf with a wide variety of tools. If you talk to him, he will offer to turn your Adamintine into the legendary Excalibur! This is the second strongest weapon in the game (excluding the additional weapons that will be discussed shortly).

The Light Warriors obtain Excalibur from a dwarf with a questionable accent

Didn’t I give you a purple rock? Why isn’t the sword purple?

In the original Final Fantasy, you would head to the Temple of Fiends and begin working your way through the final dungeon right about now. In Dawn of Souls, however, four optional dungeons have been included. After you lit each orb, you were shown a cut-scene of a statue of a Fiend disappearing. These cut-scenes show the entrances to these optional dungeons.

As of right now, I have not spent a great deal of time studying the inner workings of the dungeons. What I do know is that they contain unique monsters and items that are not found elsewhere in the game. If you are a completionist, completing these dungeons will be necessary. If you are just playing the game for the fun of it, you can skip these dungeons and not miss out on anything that wasn’t in the original game.

A dwarf warns of the dangers within the the Lifespring Grotto

Ah the dwarves supposed tae hae Scottish accents? ‘Cause these ah the most gantin’ Scottish accents I’ve ever read…

Each dungeon is made up of random layout of maps. The maps are all the same, but the order in which they appear is different. For example, one time you might see 1F, 3F, 4F, 2F, 5F, and another time it might be 2F, 5F, 4F, 1F, 3F. Each 1F is the same, it just appears in a different sequence. Each dungeon also has four bosses at the end, but only one can be fought at a time. This means that if you want to defeat every boss, it is necessary to complete each of the optional dungeons four times.

That’s what she said.

Due to the tedium of these dungeons, I have not taken the time to map them. With only a few exceptions, the maps a small and very straight forward. Also, Whisperwind Cove has 39 floors, and I have no desire to map all of them. If you would like a very in-depth and complete guide to the Soul of Chaos, please visit

Once you enter the Temple of Fiends, there is no going back (unless you have a White Wizard with the spell Exit) so now is the time to play around in the bonus dungeons if you so desire.

Tiamat's defeat in the Flying Fortress has shattered the seal on the cavern!

Fun fact: This guy is from Lufenia. You can understand him before Dr. Unne translates the Rosetta Stone. I think we went on an unnecessary fetch quest…